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Once again Unidad Popular Benito Juárez would be hosting its cultural event “Guelaguetza” on Sunday October 13, 2024 in the town of Lamont, CA.  The event would be completely free and we would be reaching out primary to the Indigenous Community residing in South Central Valley.  There would be Folk dances, Music,  food, arts craft from the stated of Oaxaca, Mexico.  


If your organization would like to participate, please see the attached document for more information. Feel free to contact us if you have any question or comment with regards to the event or how to participate. 


Traduccion Español:

Solo para informarles que nuevamente Unidad Popular Benito Juárez estará organizado su evento cultural “Guelaguetza” el domingo 10 de octubre en la comunidad de Lamont, CA.  El evento será gratis y estaremos haciendo nuestro alcance principalmente con las comunidades Indígenas radicados al Sur del Valle Central.  Habrá danzas folclóricas, música, gastronomía y artesanías del estado de Oaxaca, México. 


Si su organización le interesaría participar, por favor revise el documento adjunto para mas información.  De igual manera se puede contactar con nosotros si tiene pregunta o comentarios en relación con el evento o como participar. 

“Entre los Individuos como entre las Naciones el Respeto al Derecho Ajeno es la Paz”.    Lic. Benito Juárez García


If you interested in joining our event Guelaguetza please contact us via email at or want to donate or sponsor please contact us (661) 845-5869. 

About the Guelaguetza

The Guelaguetza  A Zapotec Word signifying offering our offertory, Guelaguetza was the term used to describe the ceremony and celebration held each year to propitiate the gods in return for sufficient rain and a bountiful harvest. 

More than three thousand years ago the indigenous people in what is now the State of Oaxaca began to cultivate plants to augment hunting, fishing and gathering.

The most important of these was corn which formed the basis of their diet and, with the addition of tomatoes, beans, chile and squash, developed into a richly varied and delicious regional gastronomy.  Thus the gods and goddess involved with water and corn were vital amongst the hagiarchy and the tribute to them was lively and colorful celebration of the music, dance and products of the people.

When the Spanish arrived in Oaxaca 1521 they converted all of the indigenous people and imposed the catholic religion.  One of the tactics was to “convert” to Catholic ways the deeply rooted customs honoring pagan beliefs.

The Spanish also introduced new products and techniques which result in changes to lifestyles and traditional dress.  Where before textile were made from cotton, now you will see silk, wool, and glass bead in the clothing of the delegations to the Guelaguetza. 

It is impossible to adequately describe the heart-stirring beauty of this spectacle in its jewel setting – the music, the    color, the vivacity of the participant. 

For Unidad Popular Benito Juarez a base non-profit organization, it’s a great opportunity to organize such event in the city of Bakersfield, Cal.  And give the opportunity to folks to learn more about th indigenous community residing in Kern County as well in the State of California.


If you interested in joining our event Guelaguetza please contact us via email at or want to donate or sponsor please contact us (661) 845-5869. 

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